Teaching Personal Finance in School

Could not agree more with the Small Investor’s post on the lack of personal finance education in schools. A must read!

The Small Investor


A dyed red-haired rapper criticizes the public education system in a viral YouTube video, “Don’t Stay in School“.  Looking back at my education, I remember learning the capitals of the states for no apparent reason.  Other than watching Jeopardy, I’ve never used this information.  Now my children are also learning the capitols, again for no reason.  With search engines this information is even more useless than when I was in school.

If we replace the teaching of useless and pointless things like this, or maybe the learning of the three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic), we would have time to teach children a lot of really important things for their lives like personal finance.  Much of the information about personal finance that keeps people from making bad decisions was not taught to their parents, which is one reason we see so many people buying new cars every…

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