Do You Make Decisions to be Rich or Poor?

A thoughtful and practical post by the Small Investor

The Small Investor


Most people think of the income spectrum as going from rich to poor.  They also think of people who have mansions, exotic cars, and expensive clothes as rich.  People who rent small apartments, drive old cars, and wear no-name clothes are poor.  People who have nice homes, new common cars, and wear lesser brands are middle-class.

Really, though, there is a difference between being rich and displaying affluence, and between being poor and being modest in displays of wealth.  To be wealthy is to have storage of wealth, where showing affluence is to be using wealth.  To use an analogy, to be wealthy is like having a fully charged cell phone – you have the capability to do all sorts of things and you also have some security since you have the ability to use your cell phone to help you out of a jam.  To show affluence is like using…

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