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How to Invest in Gold and Silver

how to invest in gold and silver

How to Invest in Gold and Silver When it comes to investing, one of the most common places to invest is also seen as one of the most risky: the stock market. This is especially true if the stock market has been increasing for over a decade and is considered overvalued (like many consider it to be right now).  When

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Why Stock Market Investing Isn’t Risky


Why Stock Market Investing Isn’t Risky There is a myth in the personal finance world that the stock market is incredibly risky. Lots of people never get started because they feel that the second they buy their first stock, the market will completely collapse and wipe out their life savings. Technically, nothing is impossible. However, the odds of something like

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Ethereum wallets: How to choose one

Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), works just like any other crypto. In order to trade it for other crypto and fiat currencies and use it to purchase things, you should have a proper wallet where you can keep your cryptos. If you’ve used e-wallets such as PayPal, then you’re familiar with how these things work. Still, there are a couple of

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Investing With Less Than $5000

$5000 dollar bill

A commonly believed myth in the world of investing is that a large sum of money is a necessity to begin investing. This is simply not true. There are many quality investment strategies for persons that do not have or want to risk a large sum of money. Many of these strategies can be implemented with $5000 or less. Peer

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Financial Advisors vs. Wealth Managers

financial advisor wealth manager

A big change in the financial industry took place with the advent of discount brokers. There were really two main methods to make money with other people’s money in the stock market. You could recommend stocks and bonds to wealthy investors and collect a fee every time your client bought and sold stocks. The fee ranged from 1% to 8%,

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What’s Next for Gold and Silver?

whats next for gold and silver IRA

What’s Next for Gold and Silver? King World News featured a hopeful chart from analyst David P. out of Europe. Gold peaked in 2011 at $1900 per ounce. It has been almost six frustrating years for gold bulls waiting for the bull market in gold to return. Stockcharts explains the Mac Dee or MACD, “Developed by Gerald Appel in the

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A Brief Introduction to Bitcoin


Introduction to Bitcoin I read an article recently from 2013. CNN Money reported “… A British man threw a hard drive containing more than $9 million in bitcoin into the trash. The device is now buried under a mountain of garbage at a landfill site in Wales. It will be almost impossible to find. James Howells got rid of the

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More broadly, where does the price of gold go from here?

gold charts

James Rickards commented on gold at The Daily Reckoning. He said, “The most important signal is that gold’s uptrend, which began on Dec. 15, 2016, remains intact. Even after the flash crash, gold remains just a bit below the previous low of $1,210 per ounce on May 10, 2017. That means gold is set for a rally above $1,300 per

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Do You Look at Charts?

stock charts

By Mike Landfair What kind of charts do you look at to follow the market or stocks you own? Do you even look at charts? I have always used charts either to predict the future or to check out a stock story. For instance, the other day a good friend who smokes a little weed, told me about the top

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