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5 Mistakes Americans Are Making With Their Money

100 dollar bill

By: Jonnelle Marte Americans have a long way to go when it comes to understanding and managing money. A recent report from the financial literacy center at Champlain College compiled state and national data to assess the big picture when it comes to Americans’ financial behaviors. The results were pretty dismal. Americans across the country are struggling to stick with basic and

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Credit Card Basics

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If you want to avoid credit card debt you have to understand what credit is. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the credit system works against you, unless you are prepared. And since it is an unfair game, you need to know the rules. Once you know how credit works, how compound interest works, you can start using it

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5 “G’s” That Hold Value During a Recession


During an economic recession, we should all be prepared for the worst. Arbitrary possessions and luxuries become less attractive during a downturn. Basic necessities (like toilet paper during covid) become coveted and demand for these can skyrocket. When an economy fails, fear grows. People start seeking out items that they believe will keep their family safe. This post is about items that gain or

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