As of December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that bloggers disclose any interests and biases we may have. According to the rules if we blog for money or receive incentives that are associated with anything that is mentioned on this blog, we must disclose it.

You should assume that for every recommendation, link, or product that is mentioned on this blog, One Percent Finance will receive or have received some sort of compensation (either financially or non-financially). For example, Amazon product links that pay us. For every investment or company that is mentioned, assume that One Percent Finance holds shares or some other financial instrument (for profit), or that we have financial interest in it. For example preferred shares, common stock, warrants, or corporate debt of XYZ Corp.

In general, please assume the following when reading this website:
– We may make money from each blog post.
– Every product that is mentioned, we either receive it for free or receive money for mentioning it.
– Every link on this blog is a paid link (I receive money for it).
– All comments posted on this blog, or information emailed to me, becomes our property and we are free to do with it as we please (not limited to profiting from using it) without compensation to anyone else.
– All information posted is biased.
– Any investments or corporations that we mention, we hold or have financial interest in.

Note: If you are considering advertising on this blog, or having us review your product or company, we may not positively review or endorse your company or company’s product (even if we are compensated financially or non-financially for doing so).