GoldSilver Review

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GoldSilver Review

Global Leader in Precious Metals Investments

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GoldSilver Precious Metals Overview

GoldSilver is one of the most trusted names in precious metals and has been helping clients purchase metals since 2005. The company was founded when Mike Maloney, who still serves as their CEO, recognized the benefits of precious metal investing for himself. He was such a believer in the advantages that he wanted to do his best to help other people invest in precious metals just like he did. He keeps 100% of his personal investments in gold/silver.

As far as services offered, GoldSilver has an online platform where you can buy/sell gold and silver products, a wealth of informational materials on their site, and private vault storage. 

You can transfer, sell, or take delivery of your metals any time.

Much more than other companies, Mike Maloney (GoldSilver’s CEO) acts as the face of the company. His face is plastered across their social media pages, he has a lengthy bio on  their website, and he also narrates many of their educational videos.

Speaking of education, GoldSilver prides themselves in offering a world-class education to their investors. They do this by creating an investor-friendly product catalog, blog articles, relevant news articles, as well as a series of educational videos that are approximately 40 minutes in length. Mike is also the best-selling author of Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver, the “most popular book ever on precious metals investing” (according to their website).

Let’s take a look at how their business stacks up.

goldsilver review

GoldSilver Review

Goldsilver Review
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GoldSilver Review

If you are looking for a good place to get started buying or selling gold/silver products then GoldSilver is a decent choice. The CEO, Mike Maloney, has a long history in the precious metals industry and seems to be very passionate about helping people reap the benefits of investing in precious metals. This means not only selling gold to his clients but also educating them about why gold is a good investment in the first place.


  • Information – GoldSilver goes a very good job of streaming relevant news articles related to gold or the economy on their website. They also have plenty of informational blog articles and a captivating video series called The Hidden Secrets Of Money. If you are a beginner to precious metals investing then they have plenty of resources on their site.
  • Sell your gold – They allow you to sell any of your precious metals products by creating a free online account. As long as it is a product that they carry they will offer you a competitive price. Their bid prices are posted online 24 hours a day 7 days a week and they execute your sale within 3 business days of receiving your product. They just need to verify and process your product and then will mail you a check or send you the funds via wire transfer.
  • Price match guarantee – They have a price match guarantee to match the advertised price of any of their products on the sites of their top competitors.
  • Pay with bitcoin – GoldSilver allows you to purchase precious metal products with Bitcoin. Even if this isn’t of interest to you, it’s a testament to their forward-thinking mentality.


  • Lack of product options – Compared to other gold/silver brokerages, they do not offer an overwhelming amount of gold/silver products.
  • Only gold/silver – There are four precious metals that are able to be included in precious metal IRAs (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium). GoldSilver only offers gold and silver.

Quick Info

GoldSilver Precious Metals


Fees & Prices

GoldSilver charges standard fees for shipping, handling, and taxes. There is also a fee for storage if you choose to use one of their secure facilities.

The fee for storage is determined by the size of your account:

  • $100,000 account = $60 monthly fee
  • $50,000 account = $30 monthly fee
  • $25,000 account = $15 monthly fee
  • $10,000 account = $6 monthly fee
  • $6,666 account or below = $4 monthly fee

Additionally, if you are someone who requires additional security then you can explore their segregated storage options:

Segregated Storage Pricing:

  • 0.08%/month
  • $35/mo minimum per metal, per vault


If you do not want to keep your precious metals in your home (as this can sometimes be a security concern) then GoldSilver will store your precious metals for a fee. They have facilities in Salt Lake City, Toronto, Singapore, and Hong Kong. These facilities private, secure, non-bank vaults that have 24/7 security.The fee for storage is determined by the size of your account:


There is no mention of account minimums on their site.

Products and Services

GoldSilver offers bar and coin products for gold and silver. They also have a few gold jewelry products.

Some of their most popular gold coin products are:

  •  American Gold Eagles
  • American Gold Buffalos
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
  • Canadian Gold Elk
  • South African Krugerrands
  • Australian Gold Kangaroos
  • Gold Britannias

Some of their most popular silver coin products are:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonics
  • British Queen’s Beasts:
  • Australian Coins: 

GoldSilver sources their products from a variety of public and private mints including Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint, United States Mint, Sunshine Mint, Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) and, Valcambi Suisse. In total, they use 15 mints to source products.

Additional Services

GoldSilver also offers gold and silver products that are eligible to be included in gold IRA’s (Individual Retirement Accounts). You would need to host the IRA through another custodian (Equity Trust) but then you can fund it with products purchased from GoldSilver.

GoldSilver Review Consensus

GoldSilver currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1,000+ total reviews on the review site Trustpilot.

BBB Rating – C+ – They are not currently accredited with the BBB.





Rating: 4 out of 5.

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