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Teaching Personal Finance in School

Financial education text on blackboard

Originally posted on The Small Investor:
A dyed red-haired rapper criticizes the public education system in a viral YouTube video, “Don’t Stay in School“.  Looking back at my education, I remember learning the capitals of the states for no apparent reason.  Other than watching Jeopardy, I’ve never used this information.  Now my children are also learning the capitols, again for…

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Gold mining shares have a negative correlation to the stock market

A gold miner shows a golden hugget freshly excavated from a mine.

A study by Ibbotson Associates shows that gold mining shares have a negative correlation to the stock market, that precious metals performed best when they were needed the most by providing positive returns during the years that traditional asset classes had negative returns. Ibbotson determined that investors can potentially improve the risk-to-reward ratio in conservative, moderate and aggressive portfolios by

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5 Mistakes Americans Are Making With Their Money


By: Jonnelle Marte Americans have a long way to go when it comes to understanding and managing money. A recent report from the financial literacy center at Champlain College compiled state and national data to assess the big picture when it comes to Americans’ financial behaviors. The results were pretty dismal. Americans across the country are struggling to stick with basic and

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