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The Gold Standard Explained in 1 Minute

gold standard

Here is a short video produced by ‘One Minute Economics’ explaining the beginnings of gold minted for trade, the ‘Gold Standard’ and it’s eventual replacement with fiat currencies in 1971. Almost 2600 years ago, the first gold coins were minted and used for trade. Later on, people started storing there gold in well guarded vaults, and bought goods and services using

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Risk vs. Reward

gold bar gold ira company

Climb a mountain, expect a view. Throw a Hail Mary, expect a touchdown.  Sink money into the stock market, expect a decent return. Reward for risk has always been the bedrock for investment.  Today, however, the reward is slim.  Stocks are volatile. The global economic downturn has pushed interest rates to rock bottom or into the red. Bonds and U.S.

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