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A Donald Trump-Led Trip Back to the Gold-Plated ’80s

source: NYT The American wealthy are about to enjoy a giant back-to-the-1980s party, hosted by the new billionaire in chief, Donald J. Trump. From his gold-plated penthouse to his trickle-down tax cuts and his Reaganesque slogans, President-elect Trump is bringing back the ’80s prosperity gospel. His approach to wealth harks back to the days of “Dynasty,” DeLoreans and deficits, when

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Brexit and its Reality

A vote has been cast and now the world is left to wonder what it means and when it happens.  Casper von Koskull, Nordea Bank AB CEO says there are “a lot of uncertainties”  regarding the process which has rocked the EU.  The man running the Nordic region’s biggest bank says the European Union needs to brace itself for the

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