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Apple Lasers and Equifax


The big Apple news last week was the introduction of three new phones including their most advanced iPhone X. One of the best services I subscribe to is Technology & Opportunity, T&O covered the news and described the introduction of the new way to unlock the phone using “Face ID.” It uses an array of sensor components that measure both

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A Donald Trump-Led Trip Back to the Gold-Plated ’80s

80's trump

source: NYT The American wealthy are about to enjoy a giant back-to-the-1980s party, hosted by the new billionaire in chief, Donald J. Trump. From his gold-plated penthouse to his trickle-down tax cuts and his Reaganesque slogans, President-elect Trump is bringing back the ’80s prosperity gospel. His approach to wealth harks back to the days of “Dynasty,” DeLoreans and deficits, when

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